• Keep them clean & dry. 
  • Provide warm, dry housing without drafts. 
  • Make sure predators (dogs, cats & children too!) can’t get inside.


  • No crowding allowed. 
  • From hatch until 6 weeks old they need .8-1.0 square feet per chick.
  • Six weeks and older they need 1-2 square feet per bird.


  • Avoid chilling! 
  • When they are a day old, keep the temperature at 90° – 95°F. 
  • Use a heat lamp or a light bulb, approximately 20” above chicks. 
  • Heat in advance, raise or lower light to adjust the temperature. 
  • If the chicks are cold, they will huddle under the light.
  • If they are too hot, they will huddle in the corners. 
  • Reduce temperature 5° every week until a minimum of 65°F. 


    • Use a 1-quart fount per 25 chicks. Use fresh, cool water.
    • Clean daily.
    • Dip beaks to induce drinking.
    • Elevate the waterer after the first week to reduce contamination from litter.
    • Water should not be higher than the chick’s back.
    • Double waterer capacity at 6 weeks.


    • Use chick starter until 16-20 weeks old (they should be feathered).
    • Then for hens switch to a 16%-20% complete laying feed.
    • If you’re raising other types of birds, ask a store employee what you need to feed your birds.


    • Use dry mold free bedding (such as Bed-O-Cob) to keep dry & comfortable.
    • Slick surfaces can cause leg problems, especially for turkeys, broilers, and waterfowl.