Chicken Fun Doo Poultry Treat, Soy Free, 3-Lb.s

Little Farmer Products

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Chickens love this holistic snack high in Omega 3's and fortified with Renew Non-GMO, soy-free poultry complete. Natural proteins found in mealworms & peas increase egg production. Our blend of Flax, Black Oil Sunflower & Safflower seed create shiny feathers. Also added chili peppers to our Chicken FUN-DOO treat mix because chickens can benefit from the antioxidants, helps increase egg production, and they help eliminate parasites; plus, the birds aren't bothered by the pepper heat! Nature's whole grains packed with vitamins and minerals will enhance the well being of your family flock. Guaranteed Analysis 7.85% Moisture, air oven 16.58% Protein 10.41% Fat 6.39% Ash 7.07% Fiber/Crude Ingredients No Soy Renew Poultry Complete (pellets), dried mealworms, oats (recleaned), wheat, milo, sunflower (black oil), millet, peas (maple), peas (split green), safflower, peas (Canadian), chili flakes, oregano flakes, flax, oyster shell, walnut oil.

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