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For those special friends who have entered their golden years, or hard keepers, Senior Stable Mix is formulated to meet the particular challenges they face. Research has shown that senior and geriatric horses are less able to absorb protein and for this reason our Senior Stable Mix provides a minimum of 12.5% crude protein. Because older horses also have a reduced capacity for absorbing minerals, Senior Stable Mix utilizes Zinpro's premier organic performance minerals. One of the most common challenges with managing senior and geriatric horses is maintaining body weight and condition. Utilizing forages can be a challenge due to poor dentition as well as a reduced capacity to digest forage. Pellets reduce the need for chewing, a real bonus for seniors with poor teeth. Senior Stable Mix can completely replace the hay in a horse's diet. Additionally the Senior Stable Mix pellets include, not only almond hulls, but also a second super fiber; beet pulp. Together these fibers help provide your senior horse with an easily digestible and safe form of energy. The level of rice bran is increased in the Senior Stable Mix pellet which results in an overall higher fat content than the original Stable Mix.

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