Powder River Panels

1-5/8-inch, 18-gauge (All-Around) Panels

  • Available in 12-foot and 16-foot lengths
  •  Choose from two horse-safe connector systems – pin or chain
  •  64 inches high
  • Six evenly-spaced rails 83/8 inches apart
  •  12-inch loop legs enable panels to skid easily for moving
  •  1-5/8-inch diameter tubing
  •  18-gauge construction
  •  12-foot panel weighs* 70 lbs.
  •  In-line vertical stays add strength and safety

1600 Tube Panels with Straight Legs

The 1600 Series Tube Panels are the ideal all-purpose panel for use in portable or permanent situations. The recent  change to square corners gives you the flexibility to use these  powder river panel 2panels for cattle and horses. The 1600 Tube Panels have the same 14-gauge vertical supports that we use on our classic line, separating this 16-gauge tube panel from the rest.


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